You can find answers to the most common questions about the League, and how to use the website here.

When does the league start?

The regular season starts around the second week of April and playoffs are at the end of July and beginning of August.

What is the league format?

  • Coed – League is a 6 and 4 coed league (6 men/4 women). There are 40 teams within the league and it is split up into 5 divisions of 8 teams (A, B, C, D, and E). The A Division is the most competitive, though all of the divisions play hard, have fun, and enjoy the social aspects of coed Slo-pitch.
  • Men’s – League is a Men’s only league. All of the divisions play hard, have fun, and enjoy the social aspects of slo-pitch.
  • Seniors – League is a Men’s over 50 league, there are presently 10 teams in the league.
  • Women’s – League has room for up to 12 teams.

How much are the team league fees?

League fees for the 2020 season are $1,500.00 per team. Existing teams returning to the league for the following year, pay their $200.00 deposit at the Season Ending Playoff tournament. New teams wishing to join the league are invited to the Fall Annual General Meeting. Individual player fees are different for all teams, depending on each team’s fundraising, tournament play, and sponsorship.

What do the league fees include?

League fees include; the Ice Breaker tournament in April, a Season-Ending Playoff tournament. SPN carded umpires, game balls, line up cards, scorebooks, bases at all diamonds, SPN registration, and insurance

What fields do we play at?

We play out of 2 parks in Burnaby, BC. Our main fields of play are located at Riverway Athletic Park (Nelson and Marine Way), and park number 2 is Ryall in Queensbourgh.

What days of the week do we play on?

Our allotments are Monday to Friday depending on the park. No weekend games, except for the Ice Breaker and Season Ending Playoff tournament. We also have a mid-season weekend in June. Game times are 6:25PM and starting Mid May we play doubleheaders. First game at 6:25PM and the second game at 7:40PM.

How can I enter a team into the league?

If you have an interest in putting a team into our league, please go to our online application and/or contact our executive for more information.

How can I find a team to play on?

For any individuals or couples looking for a team to play on this season, please send an email listing your name(s), experience level, position(s) played, and contact information to: info@riverwayslopitch.com. Or you can leave a posting on our Facebook page. Coaches check the postings regularly, so they will contact you directly with more details.

Where can I get the Burnaby Roster Form?

You can download the Burnaby Roster form from the following location.


After you have completed the form, please email president@riverwayslopitch.com with the complete form, along with your Name, Team Name, Email Address, and Phone Number to get access to the League Website.

How to find your team’s schedule for the season?

  • From the schedule’s Menu select the league you play in!

  • Once you are on the Teams list page for the league, select the team you play for by clicking the name.
  • Check out your team schedule, it is sorted by date from nearest to farthest.

How do I enter my team’s game scores after each game?

  • Login to the Riverway Website by clicking the Login button.
  • Browse to your team’s schedule, and click on the day for the particular game you want to enter the score for.
  • Browse down to the SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS section, Enter both teams score, and click the Submit button.