League update: no open drinking/scores and other league information

This email was sent out to all league coaches on Friday, May 10. This is a reminder email on several league items for ALL players.

No open drinking at Riverway Sports Complex or in the parking lots: This includes any spectators. If you are caught with open alcohol, your team will be fined $600 payable prior to your next league game. There will be no more warnings.

Koozies and open cups are not allowed.

Emails to the executive: No verbal or email abuse towards any member of the Riverway Slo-pitch Association will be tolerated. Teams will be asked to leave the association immediately.

Scores: Please ensure all scores are put in after your games. If you cannot log into the website, please try and reset your own password to start with. If you are still having issues, contact Ian and he will post the scores.

Rosters:  Everyone who is playing on your team must be registered on your roster, even if they come out for one game. All players need to accept the waivers from SPN. Loretta will be going through the rosters if anyone hasn’t signed the waiver they will be deleted from your team. (SPN will not sign off until everyone has signed).

All members of your team must have eight games played (icebreaker games count)

Roster is frozen on June 15. If you need to add anyone after this you must contact Loretta directly to be added. Rosters will be printed for year-end tournaments.

 Scorekeeping: Please ensure your books are up-to-date with every game. These books are used to verify the eight games played prior to playoffs. At any time any executive member can ask for them. It is important for both teams to keep a score (even if there isn’t a scorekeeper on the bench).

Smoking: There have been several complaints with smokers going over and smoking around children, adults etc. Please be aware of your surroundings and smoke away from people. FYI:  as per bylaws, smoking is prohibited in the park. Smoke at your own risk but be respectful.

Co-ed Weekend play: is June 8 & 9. We are looking at having a small concession and beer gardens on Saturday. Please let Loretta know if teams are interested.

League Playoffs: Mens/Ladies/ Seniors – Playoffs start on the Tuesday, with the first two round robin games starting (Tuesday, July 23 to Friday, July 26). Saturday morning, July 27 will be your last round robin games and playoffs will start Saturday afternoon and carry into Sunday.

Coed playoffs are Aug. 10 and 11 with round robin play starting Tuesday, Aug. 6 running to Friday, Aug. 9 (with last round robin games being Saturday morning Aug. 10 and playoffs starting that afternoon and concluding Sunday, Aug. 11.

Rules: All rules for Riverway can be found on the Riverway website: https://riverway-coed.com/


$50 fine for less than 24 hours-notice for cancellation of games

$600 fine for drinking in the park or parking lots at Riverway Sports Complex

$200 fine for not providing two-weeks (you can’t field a team for ice breaker or year end tournaments)

$100 fine for not producing volunteers for Beer Gardens or Concession 

The Riverway Executive Team